Our Kids Lounge for 14 years and above, featuring a movie projector screen and an internet café. Snacks and drink can be ordered from our Lounge Menu in Rakam so it’s a great spot for older children to spend time with friends.


Dana Club has it’s very own dedicated area and team focused on providing activities for children of all ages. We have everything small cuddly toys all the way up to the most Up to Date PS4 games. The Galgi area is open everyday from 12pm and early at 10am on weekends and holidays. We plan extra special events and activities for the weekend which are loved by our members. Galgi is open for our members kids only.


Our outdoor kids playground is right beside our basketball, volleyball and football courts for 14 years kids and above. The site is regularly updated with forthcoming activities and members are contacted by e mail or SMS for major events. Please check our updated monthly schedule for additional activities.                                                                           


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Dana Club, Doha - Qatar


Contact us | +974 449 60 600 | +974 449 60 666


Dana Club, Doha, Qatar

Dana Club, Doha, Qatar