Give children the skills to enjoy outdoor swimming safely

Swim Safe teaches children essential water safety skills through a fun session delivered by trained instructors.

Give children the skills to enjoy outdoor swimming safely

Swim Safe teaches children essential water safety skills through a fun session delivered by trained instructors.

Give children the skills to enjoy outdoor swimming safely

Dana Club Swimming Academy

Learn to Swim Safely


This level will introduce children with little or no experience in the water. Most of the children at this level is afraid to enter the water.  This level 1 program will help them develop to build confidence in the water.


  • Safe entry
  • Water confidence
  • Able to put the face in the water
  • Can blow bubbles
  • Prone float


  • Teach the kids how to enter the water safely
  • Pretending to wash the face
  • Practice how to put their face in the water
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Walking in the water with paddle hands
  • Kicking at the edge of the pool
  • Kicking with board assisted by the instructor
  • Prone float assisted by the instructor
  • Games activity, Finding Nemo
  • Safe exit


  • Breath holding 10 seconds
  • Rhythms breathing/bubbles
  • Floating
  • Prone floating
  • Star floating
  • Streamlining



This level will focus the coordination of kicking, breathing and arm movement. We will also include jumping and submersion.




  • Push and glide with kicking
  • Able to swim several distances with breathing and able to coordinate arms, legs and breathing
  • Understand breathing technique
  • Streamline for few meters


  • Practice kicking with hands holding at pool edge
  • Kick with board
  • Prone float
  • Push and glide with kick board
  • Push and glide without kick board
  • Arm practice at the pool edge (big circle arm)
  • Arm practice with board and kicking legs
  • Games activity
  • Coordination of arms, legs and breathing
  • Jumping in the water


  • Breath holding 15 seconds
  • Streamlining with flutter kick
  • Arms paddling movement
  • Legs flutter kick movement
  • Big circle arm
  • Jumping


Children at this level will be able to swim 25m continuously without stopping. We will introduce the freestyle movement with proper side breathing. We will also introduce the backstroke and breaststroke.


  • Able to swim 25m with well-coordinated freestyle
  • Able to do proper diving
  • Able to coordinate arms and legs with backstroke and breaststroke
  • Able to do side breathing


  • Review the previous skill level as part of warm up for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Strengthen the legs by using kick board with flutter kick
  • Strengthen the arm by using kick board
  • Whole strokes practice like freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke over the distance of the pool
  • Practice diving


  • Freestyle arms and legs coordination
  • Breaststroke arms and legs coordination
  • Backstroke arms and legs coordination
  • Swim 25 meters freestyle
  • Swim 25 meters breaststroke
  • Swim 25 meters backstroke
  • Diving/Sliding
  • Submerging


This level will focus on strengthening the legs and arms, competitive strokes of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.


  • Able to swim back and forth in each stroke for the length of the pool
  • Dive and swim
  • Perform butterfly properly
  • Able to do the tumble turn
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and strength


  • Review the previous skills as a warm up for 10 minutes
  • Practice the legs and arms for speed
  • Practice speed in each stroke
  • Sprinting
  • Focus butterfly stroke


  • Competitive freestyle
  • Competitive breaststroke
  • Competitive backstroke
  • Well-coordinated butterfly
  • Swim 50 meters freestyle
  • Swim 50 meters breaststroke
  • Swim 50 meters backstroke
  • Swim 50 meters butterfly
  • Speed target


Mother & Child classes are for children between 6 months and 3 years old. These classes will focus more on teaching the mother how to teach their child.  Such as hand holding, songs, games, cuing, glides, passes, scoops.  The Instructor will explain to the mother the importance of familiarization in the water at a young age. In this class the mother is required to enter the water with their child. Mother & Child classes will be run with an instructor and up to 10 participants which includes the mother and the child. This class should require a 1:1 ratio of mother to child in the water. Meaning one mother, with one child.

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The safety of our members and guests is our priority, which is why we have a highly experienced team of lifeguards on hand to take care of you, whilst you enjoy the water.

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SwimSafe Coaching Process

Dana Club has it’s very own teaching academy called SwimSafe.  We teach children from any age and reward their progress with certificates of achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Gym timing at Dana Club?

The gyms at are as follows,

  • Tawash and Bahar are open from 6am – 11pm Sunday – Thursday and from 8am – 11pm Friday and Saturday.
  • The kid’s gym (Jump Gym) is open from 3pm – 9pm Sunday – Thursday and from 12pm – 9pm on Friday and Saturday
Do you have Ladies Only Timings in Gym?

Yes, we do.  One of the main benefits of having two large, fully equipped gums is that there will always will be a ladies only gym open all day.

Do you have Ladies Instructors only for Ladies?

Yes, we do.  We have a fully female team to operate the female gym. 

Do you Have Seperate Gym for Kids?

Yes, we do our kids gym is called “Jump”.  It is a fully staffed and equipped gym for our younger members. 

Do you Have Fitness Activities for Kids?

Yes, we do.  At the Jump gym, we run regular challenges and events for kids to participate in.  This keeps them motivated and it’s a lot of fun.

How Many Swimming Pools do you Have?
  • We have two beautiful pools.  We have an outdoor pool, which has a kiddies pool attached as well as a hot tub.  This pool has a large deck area for you to relax on with full F&B service.  We have an indoor pool which is ladies only on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  This pool has poolside bar to order drinks and food from.
  • Swimming Classes – Dana Club has its own swim academy called SwimSafe.  We offer lessons for children and adults of any age.  We have a range of packages to suit your needs and times.  Twice a year DC hosts a swimming competition for the children to show their parents how well they are doing.
Do you Have any Play Area for kids?

At Dana Club we focus on providing something for all the family and an important part of this is providing activities for children.  We have an indoor activity area called Galgi.  This is a fully staffed operation where you can safely leave your children to play and learn. We offer a wide range of varied activities at the weekend. 

Outdoors we have a kid’s playground with fun playground activity centers.  At the weekend we set up our bouncy castle.

Do you have any Tennis Courts?

We have two full sized professional courts available for our members. We offer tennis lessons for the absolute beginner all the way through to high standard players.  We offer lesson for kids too.  Courts are available for booking for games.

Do you have Aerobic classes?

Dana Club offers a full group exercise timetable complementary for our members.

Do you have Personal Training?

Dana Club has Personal Training for our members, our trainers are experts in their field and offer that extra bit of personal one to one service. PT is great if you really want to aim for a specific target or goal or if you have certain conditions where you might need a little extra care.   We have packages to suit your needs.  We offer Personal training for Kids too.

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